What We're About

While the name of our online publication borrows a sentiment from the late Frank O'Hara, paying homage to his concern with the pieces and things of life, Terrible Orange Review seeks out many styles of poetry and creative work. By no means should you feel limited by O'Hara's style, as his role is merely an influence for the creation of this online journal. We are committed to the publication of poetry, creative nonfiction, and film photography, and we are always open to read work that has clear heart, intention, as well as motive backing it up. 


To get a more specific idea of what we might be interested in, but is by no means a rule book for how to submit, consider these qualities for what you will:


-writing that is syntactically interesting, plays with genre lines, gives careful attention to surprising images and sounds, is culturally or politically relevant, or engages form and content with one another in a tactful way. 

-film photography that is engaging, surprising, weird, wonderful, etc. 

Image soure: Wikipedia