Bradley Firchow

The Pond


When I find you

I will


Unravel you like a yarn ball,

You sweet mystery

Of lemongrass sadness

All hollow aching

In my chest


For something more

More than the sweat on my brow

Or the veins on the backs of my hands

That fill with warm, red blood

At the thought of you


Today I dangled my toes in the water

I thought about it

About when


I find you,

That forgotten corner of the world,

Brimming with the chatter of crickets,

Swishing of fishing line in the trees,

Fingerprints of Fishermen Past,


I’ll swim.

Bradley Firchow is a graduate of Oglethorpe University and an aspiring rural doctor. He currently lives in Atlanta and works for a global pediatric surgery non-profit. His writing draws from his experiences living in the American South.