More than a painter's poet? More than New York's.

How did a poet of objects come to represent a world of art that was not his own, and in what ways was he far more than that?


We're excited to create this blog as an addition to the creative writing and film photography review Terrible Orange normally does. So much of Frank O'Hara's essence screams objects, things. And what better way to express objects, things, poems, and what they make us feel than through a blog? Thus, the Terrible Blog exists.

This blog is intended to be a space of discourse for all things O'Hara and beyond. Talk of poetry, visual art, the New York School, and whatever these topics may imply or lead to is bound to arise, and we welcome guest posts for this feature of our site. We will consider submissions on a rolling basis, which you need only email to us as an attached Word doc. Further guidelines can be found below.