Heather Sweeney


CALIFORNIA  I thought I’d be a different person  by  now on the treadmill watching  the Kardashians eat cotton  candy this   is  my  place  in  history   call  me   California  this  is  my wound and my weather blistering salt poison lettuce bad tim- ing


PLANET EARTH don’t call me into my least favorite room to  watch  the hyena take  down  the  antelope on planet earth don’t turn the  channel  and say  we  expected  beauty  to  win this  is   our   collective   inaction   made   visible  with   shades 

drawn  with  ankles  touching  this  is  the shape our hope left behind

Heather Sweeney is the author of two chapbooks, Just Let Me Have This (Selcouth Station Press) and Same Bitch, Different Era: The Real Housewives Poems (above/ground press). She lives in San Diego where she teaches writing.