Katherine LaLima

Chicken Dinner


Nobody speaks out of turn,

allowing an eye to cut

a breath be taken then


genuine pause without charity.


The sullen age in silence

and when where those who still sing find rest

becomes a bed between twelve tires and the chapfallen


Nobody wins this fight.

The Last Stair 


I don’t think about you

until I have to descend outdoors

and even then it is a mere few seconds

out of my day I regard every visit as potentially the time

it all finally goes wrong and I, for one reason or another, never walk again.


Part of me begs that time to come but a larger portion of me is afraid.


I grasp the outside wood of the house instead of the banisters which I cannot unsee as unseemly

because the first time she saw them my mother refused to touch them;          I feel

myself pulling wood planks slowly from their frame, my

left knee locks and I always fall from

the last stair.

Katherine LaLima is a writer and book cover designer. She has been published at the University of South Carolina and in Jasper magazine. Through iniatves of SC's Poetry Laureate and community
organizations, she has written short poetry for college students and local hospital visitors as well as
haiku which were hung on city buses in Columbia. Despite progression of Multiple Sclerosis she has also
written hundreds of haiku regarding neuroscience, astronomy, politics and quantum physics (availabe on
Twitter @neurodegenerate, book cover designs @LaLimaDesign). It is also fun to know that Katherine's
wife's name is Catherine.