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Photos by Pira Pirani (portraitures) and Edward Murray (landscapes), double exposure on film in camera, darkroom printed on 11X14 silver gelatin paper, and shown at the Ottawa School of Art in Ottawa Canada.

Pira Pirani’s first approach to photography was in high school in Ancona, Italy. He reconciled with his approach in analog photography and again fell in love with historical techniques including alternative bromoil and cyanotype printing processes once he started work with The Ottawa School of Art in Ottawa Canada. His most recent works shown were “The Morse Code Project”, with Gail Bourgeois and “Rock Balancer Through Pira’s Eyes”, at the Lee Matasi Gallery, and the shows featured his film pinhole photography and the beautiful dreamy atmosphere of which he is known for.

Edward Murray is a film based photographer, working in silk-screening, and a writer. Edward is also a member of Agworks and a past photographer contributor to Transformazium's log. His work can be seen on the cover of Vinyl Magazine, as well as many other publications, including Jones Soda, and his work "Lost and Found" is included in The Art Lending Collection of The Braddock Carnegie Library. His works were featured at The University of Pittsburgh's International Housing Summit. He welcomes questions, comments, or exchanges of ideas by email:

Pira and Edward made time to make photographs together, each having a portion of the negative, each having a choice of reality, a choice of circumstance, combining creativity and friendship.