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Submissions for Issue 2 have now closed. There is no current call for submissions.



We are dedicated to publishing creative work from an encompassing range of voices and lenses that speak to feeling, art, and the world around us. For a better idea of what we look for, refer to our About page or check out past issues. If you think your work might be a good fit for our journal, we'd love for you to submit when submissions open again, following the genre guidelines below:

All submissions should be emailed to with a subject line that says your genre and the word "submission". Writers should submit their previously unpublished work in a Word document with a consistent, easily readable 12 pt. font. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE SUBMISSION DOCUMENT or ON THE DOCUMENT TITLE ITSELF, but do identify yourself in the email, along with a short 2-3 sentence artist bio written in the 3rd person. The bio is a perfect opportunity to share preferred pronouns or other identifying information you want us to know. Photographers should follow the same guidelines, except photo submissions should just be attached as JPEG files, not in a Word document.

NOTE* When we publish your work, you are agreeing to give us the initial rights to publication. If your work ends up published elsewhere (whether in another journal that accepts previously published work, chapbook, book, etc.) we kindly and professionally ask that you credit Terrible Orange Review as the original source of publication. 


Send 3-5 poems. While we don't have a word count limit, we ask that you keep the length of your submission reasonable, as we have a small staff. Make sure to identify each separate poem with a bolded title, and format the text left-aligned.


Please send us one or two 10-20 page double spaced pieces or shorter flash pieces. We accept essays, flash nonfiction, and book excerpts (so long as the excerpt works as a cohesive and independent piece).

Film Photography

Please send us 3-5 scans of film photographs, of clear resolution, that are striking, original, and examine something in a unique way. Photos with poor resolution won't be accepted. (Note that features such as grain, light leaks, etc. are separate from resolution and won't detract from our consideration!)


We do allow simultaneous submissions, but if you have already submitted or plan to submit the same work elsewhere, please indicate this in your submission email. If your work is accepted elsewhere, we ask that you kindly and professionally let us know before its publication so we can take that work out of consideration for our review.