Issue 1

Note from the Editor

Please enjoy the inaugural issue of Terrible Orange Review, an online publication dedicated to creative writing and film photography. The mission of this journal was to create a communal space for some of my favorite art forms. What started with a pipe dream of beginning a small publication in the name of the late poet Frank O'Hara quickly flourished more than I could have imagined, and the release of this first issue has been an encouragement for issues to come.

A special thanks goes out to my wonderful staff - Katherine Fallon and Shannon Virtue; all of the individuals who submitted their work for consideration; and the writers and photographers in Issue 1. Getting this publication on the ground and running would not have been possible without you all. I hope you enjoy this first issue and that it will encourage you to return.

-Hannah Wyatt, Editor In Chief & Designer




Evan Anders

     "my favorite part of your sadness"

     "south of france"

Rowe Carenen

     "I have learned to sit with Loneliness,"

Hannah Darling Fenn


     "And Such"

Bradley Firchow

     "The Pond"

Michal "MJ" Jones


     "Three Hearts"

Judith Lloyd

     "Frequency Translator"

Reed Phares

     "Untitled Walk Song"

     "Walking Through Prickett's Fort in Autumn"

Donora Hillard



Nicole Steinberg

     "Seasonal Affective Disorder"


     "Unicorns Are Closer to Us Than We Thought"

Heather Sweeney



Kristiane Weeks-Rogers

     "End of the Avant Garde"


Katherine Kesey


Film Photography

Courtney Lowry

David McCluskey-Kaneiwa

Pablo Morales

Michael Orwig